One day in the life of small business owners – Max

As an entrepreneur, the boundary between work and other life is usually quite blurry (if it exists). They do not have “regular working hours”. From the moment you happen, your business is always there. Below I tried to touch the contractor’s internal monog while spending normal days.

8 mile hill
Fast fall. The best execution time. It was at 4:30 pm, as he was on the roller coaster which was the first year of Max · Chile · Jam, I finally be able to return that time to myself myself myself. Well, not so so – somewhere in my opinion, there is always a deal with me. But there is an eight – mile hill in front of me, I have my best idea. I am preparing for that day.

“Cortana, do not forget to return to California Anton tonight.

With such a track, I invented a new taste idea: Fresno Fresh. I think it will be successful. I am sure that if dealings with tomorrow’s banks all go well, I will. Well, continue. There is only a few miles and three goals this morning. We will bring the children to school on time on time in less than nine minutes so that all invoices will be held in that month. I immediately see the wrist. What about me? In Microsoft’s band, you are in perfect contact
The school is running
With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can talk intelligently with customers Fortunately, I was able to reply to an emergency email and consult a customer dashboard before entering the car. Do not forget to call the bank manager to confirm the date of the meeting tomorrow.
“Do not forget to call Cortana, bank Pam.”
For the next 20 minutes heading to school, I handed my tablet and cell phone to passengers.

My 5 year old son looks at the princess of my favorite fairy tale and my 9 year old son tries to understand the meaning of exponential growth. What I need to know is outside of me, but I say “You see him, a child! With multiple user accounts, Surface Pro 4 is ideal for work and play
Whether you start or start, Microsoft Technologies can help you create a business that suits your ambition of # ModernBiz. Within one year, we sold small grocery stores nationwide in three of the first five products. Supermarket in the country. And we continue to grow. Beyond our little workshop. As soon as I drop the child, I will go to Brighton to see the new possible plants. I have ten minutes to get to the station. What about me?
With Brighton and back
I am in that area. My train did not even come to East Croydon. I already did a lot of things. I have three concurrent applications to review the fourth quarter guidance with the CFO, streamline the distribution network by COO using forecast analysis and use the instant messaging plan for dinner with my wife (aka the boss). With Surface, you can easily perform multitasking. Azure & Power BI displays a summary just by pressing a button
Time goes faster than my train, but I feel better. When I bring a taxi to a new factory, I will be faster than planned. I have time to keep up with the results of the latest rugby. Cortana reminds me to call the bank, so quickly check the time of the meeting and plan at my schedule at the same time. Cortana will tell me how long it will take for me to go to the meeting, so I do not have to worry now. What about me?

With SharePoint, OneNote, and Skype for Business, you can collaborate in real time. Apart from the small problems our operation team is seeing through the video conference there is plenty of room and it looks like a growing place. I take notes and review each of the questions the senior team sent to me even at the end.
Returning to the station, I thought the day was not good, so I hurt myself: My central station is late and I returned to the office in my OCM for hours. ). Windows 10 protects confidential information everywhere
With Sway, I can easily tell you the attractive and interactive digital stories I’m about to set up and check the wrist again. I will walk through the pier of Brighton, eat a bite for lunch and find a quiet place overlooking the sea. Send an instant message confirming whether the message is delivered to the supervisor immediately, spend the next two hours and use the stunning multimedia mix to explain our growth vision. That looks good.
When we are done we will return to the station and the sun will fall late in the afternoon. With busy trains without history and no seats, I feel that it is slightly hot under the collar. Fortunately, I can catch up with e-mails: expense reports, signature to payer, supplier contract, partnership agreement. Then I will receive email from enterprise nation’s mentor.

He wants to know how it works. The answer is? This company was such a hurricane, so it was a while since I truly stopped thinking about the distance I traveled. Please take a moment to ask a question. What about me? Windows 10 and Office 365 work together on each device
at home. Please bring children. I have dinner. eat. Please check your homework. Please collect the children at the bath time. Please read the story about bedtime. Please check night lighting. Pop will open the bottle of Pino. Pour two glasses. I will breathe.

Between Slaps, my wife and I clean up the dishes and we catch up. She stayed in the business world, but she and I are participating in this entrepreneurial adventure. We are happy that we continue to show a smile. When she peels off the last plate, I remind: Anton in California. Because it is 22 hours here, he only has 14 hours. Call Surface Pro 3 immediately after opening it. We will talk about what is happening in the spicy jam world the next time and agree to give me a special bell pepper for Fresno Fresh.

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