Why is Windows 10 the perfect platform for your modern business?

10 reasons why Windows 10 is the best platform for modern enterprises are as follows.

• Personalized Device Experience: Windows 10 is designed to be familiar modern. It is optimized for tactile mouse and keyboard operation.
• Awareness: If you know how to use Windows 7, I know how to use Windows 10. It works immediately.
• Business Anywhere: Because OneDrive is integrated, you can automatically sync files and share files anywhere, anywhere.
• Business synchronization: Office 365 shares the same user account that can automatically save files to OneDrive or OneDrive for Business.
• Quick business setup: Computer experts do not need to manually configure the device. Upgrading an existing computer running Windows 7 or later to an organization requires a simple in-place upgrade. It is not necessary to delete the old operating system.
• Optimized business settings: Start using Windows 10 devices, purchase PCs in the retail market, connect to business accounts, and apply business settings automatically.
Small business acquires enterprise level security: Windows grows on Windows 10 and secures security. Our security is designed for the world’s largest enterprises and governments and integrated with all Windows editions. Norm
• Protect business applications: Because all Windows store applications are sandbox applications, they run in a tightly managed environment and protect users from viruses and malware.
Secure business data: Windows 10 can protect devices, user IDs, and data.
• Stable Business Process: Windows 10 includes numerous memory management and resource improvements to provide a productive and stable working environment.

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