In Windows 10 and Office 365, management of small business is simplified

I run two small companies, social media software company purechannelapps and channel marketing agency Reinchannels. Long working hours are inevitable. Because different teams have to be seen in different places covering different customer bases. Life is so busy, but I do not change anything. I do what I love, but there was no day I did not want to look forward to work.

My goal is how much entrepreneurs will continue to develop their business. But I am facing an eternal challenge of enabling and managing this growth. purechannelapps tripled sales in the past three years and doubled the team size in the past 6 months. However, knowing when to invest new people to grow is a balanced action to maintain profitability. I need to make wise decisions, but sometimes it is a leap of faith!

Can I easily develop my own business?
technology. In other words, by investing in appropriate technology, we were able to grow regardless of the appearance of the company. I have chosen the technology that companies can adapt easily, easily manage growth and expand and give the heterogeneous team everything you need for success. We do not care about IT management which makes life easier now. We are growing rapidly and have permanently boarded new people adding regular accounts. However, it is a quick and easy process, so it can be efficiently and cost effectively scaled. With the Office 365 and Windows 10 platforms, we can do everything in a comfortable way for business. This technology also manages tasks that we had to do before, so we can build more business in the future to invest more time and succeed.

Technologies that could not live without it
Prior to Office 365, we had a copy of Microsoft Office on each PC. This was the basic application that we used everyday. However, management is difficult and no one has the same software. I really did not understand what we are licensed. Cloud-based Office 365 and Windows 10 are the platforms on which we are currently developing business. This provides advanced tools that you can manage through the online dashboard. I now know what people are using and I can be convinced that everything is up to date and secure.

I count the functions everyday
Switching to Windows 10 was very quick and easy. This was probably the most reliable and easy Windows version. As a professional user, it is very convenient to have everything available on the desktop immediately. It seems familiar, the interface is also wonderful. I adapted it to the manner of my work way of doing, so I can quickly access the apps and websites I regularly use and set it as “live tile” with the start button. I often arrange multiple applications on the screen, so I can handle those applications at the same time. By concentrating on many things everyday, this makes management of the two companies more manageable.

As a business owner, I need software that provides the necessary functions to make my work faster to my team. I do not want to see people waiting for the PC to fail and restart. The latest application. Everyone can work effectively as a team if it is an intuitive well-designed environment that you can create yourself. It increased productivity, the team shared my work and helped me do more collaborations than I had imagined Windows 10 voice search, in a few seconds on a PC, application, or the internet You can find the information. The new Windows 10 Edge browser also has many features. In particular, you can find news on the industry by just pressing a button and share your own comments directly on the website. It is a step forward from what we have become accustomed to, but it is intuitive and easy to use at the same time.

Employees realize more with their own technology
We recently decided to permit employees of both companies to use their mobile devices for day-to-day operations. We have made this decision based on the idea that technology is a very personal choice and working on favorite devices is an integral part of happy and productive work. But this will bring that a challenge! Every day, we use various tablets and phones throughout the company. But that is not a problem. With Office 365, anyone can use any Microsoft application like Microsoft Office or Skype for Business on Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. It allows everyone to work by themselves and work productively in the office like on the go.

Offering the best customer experience anywhere
Customer management is essential to our business and we are no longer confined to face-to-face meetings. With Skype for Business you can contact customers online as needed daily. So we can get in touch closely and provide our customers with excellent experience. Since we are small and medium enterprises, we must be very cost conscious. This helps avoid unnecessary travel expenses and shortens the time people spend outside the office. In addition, Skype for Business can work with customers just like personal meetings using desktop or whiteboard ideas. This allows you to connect quickly with other colleagues via an instant message during a meeting, such as when you need to check for status updates or when you need to ask questions about a particular aspect of the project.

Comprehensive trust in corporate safety
If you know that Microsoft is concerned about the security of the system and data, I will be given security. I am in charge of two small businesses. Time is important. I do not want to worry about security or spend money on expensive security solutions. The Windows 10 Defender application and firewall provide quite powerful desktop security at no additional cost. The function of Office 365 means that you can recognize that data is safe in the Microsoft ISO certified data center and expand business confidently. In addition, Office 365 and Windows 10 have updates. We can constantly obtain the latest information from Microsoft and get the latest technology at any time.

My advice to other entrepreneurs
The technology can truly create the difference between success and failure! We are running a rapidly growing business, and without this reliable and cost-effective technology we could not achieve our goal. In Windows 10 and Office 365, our computer is modern as much as possible. He is doing everything he has to do, he is stable, reliable and efficient. It is a very attractive price for small business owners and I can concentrate on the exciting growth of the corner as I am concerned that things will go wrong. We still have to accept ‘advancement of trust’, but we thank God that is not part of our IT!

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