Tips for small and medium enterprises to export abroad

Since 2011, the number of aggressive exporters has increased from 22% to 32%. And above all, you do not have to be a huge company to sell overseas. As digital technology gets easier to reach customers all over the world, exports offer an excellent opportunity to grow into an ambitious company. Various possibilities are opened, such as selling online services, working online, using online marketing tools. It is time to buy the world and get your share. here…

British companies will help you grow around the world

Microsoft supports # ExportingisGREAT and helps UK companies grow globally. Please visit export hint & advice center, find overseas customers and sell goods and services. The export center visits the UK region and the data is here.

Approach global viewers on social media

Social media means that small businesses can access more people more quickly than ever. First of all, you need to know who your customer is and what social media platform you are using. Build presence in the relevant network and interact with viewers. Instagram or Pinterest is suitable for publishing visual content related to your business. Be sure to provide a link to the website if possible.

Use the cloud application.

I do not get large business computing service! Tools such as Office 365, PickFu, Buffer, Dynamics, Skype for Business, and Calendly are excellent tools to help you manage workloads and networks with others around the world.

British trade and investment provides practical support to British companies that want to provide advice from international trade experts and want to expand overseas companies overseas. You can contact UKTI sales representatives directly or access some of the online resources.

Advertising search engine marketing business.

Bing and Yahoo get a free £ 50 ad budget so that new customers around the world can access business ads. Surveys show that most consumers are looking for products and services online before purchasing. By making your business visible, you gain competitive advantage. By setting up ads, prospects can call you and access the website with a single click.

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