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Well, here’s more good news! As part of the registration, you can access the most important keynote speeches and the Expo area. So you have more opportunities to get ideas and hint business.

Listen to the story of Innocent co-founder Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Richard Reed.

The morning’s most important business keynote lecture promises to be very profitable with many business ideas for small business.

We are waiting for comments from various speakers at 9:30 am, such as Satya Nadera of Microsoft CEO, Innocent Richard Reed co-founder of enterprise startup.

Richard Reed is particularly interested in establishing Innocent with a strategy that challenges traditional business methods. The company currently sells over 1 million drinks a week, with a market share of 70%.

Required SMB session

After the keynote lecture, we held three specialized sessions of enterprise nation, UK Chamber of Commerce, UKTI, DHL Express, O2.

These sessions are designed to provide basic information and practical ideas and hints for business development.

Connect with customers – Build and expand customer base

Learn how to improve your business profile, increase traffic to your website, build customer loyalty and support you with business support.

Enterprise Nation founder Emma Jones announces her strategies and tips for growing your business. She is going to accompany a very special guest for Q & A.

Efficiently grow – Identify growth opportunities

In addition to adapting to changes, prepare the business to find new growth opportunities.

Also, the UK Chamber of Commerce, UKTI, DHL will tell you how exports will grow into passports. The session also includes an event that three small companies share experiences and experiences how exports have grown.

Business Anywhere – flexible and moving business

Explore opportunities and challenges to work anywhere. O2 is learning in relation to my career path.

LinkedIn provides tips and ideas on how to support small business rental, marketing and sales using the platform. Also, Minicabit talks about how technology plays an important role in the success of large enterprise customers.

Please come – SMB booth

In the SMB booth, you will learn more from the event host (enterprise nation, BCC, O2), expand market share, grow business, develop a professional approach, and get ideas to protect business I can.

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