How to expand business by export

Whether you are a small business, it is becoming increasingly important to trade internationally in order to grow efficiently, and companies that are not open to the global market have a potential customer base of 7 billion I am losing it. ,

Grow through export

The majority (70%) of non-exporting SMEs are not suitable for international markets despite strong demand for British products, so we do not recommend selling overseas products and services. Traditionally, Germany and the United States were the biggest buyers of British products, but the Chinese market has rapidly become an expanding market for British organizations, and Asian countries like Vietnam and Myanmar are also increasing imports.

But British companies are worried

There is a problem in finding overseas customers
They are concerned about financing,
They are concerned about currency fluctuations,
Lack of knowledge about traders and agents,
For this reason, the government is building its own online platform that enables SMEs to find global export opportunities. Alerts on these real-time global business opportunities are tailored to your business needs and highlight the huge demand for British products around the world. On Monday, November 10, more than 1000 export options are available online on the website, offering over £ 300 million contracts to UK SMEs.

If it is not enough to lead you to world trade, the UK Chamber of Commerce with offices throughout the world can provide everything you need to sell your products to the world. overseas. Documentation and cost.

Once ready to start trading globally, Microsoft will provide the necessary tools to monitor the receipt of products around the world. With Office 365 and Dynamics analysis tools, you can analyze social interactions with products and services to understand which countries are reacting positively or negatively. You can also use Microsoft Delve tools available on Android and iOS to communicate with other users in your organization and get the most interesting information at the moment.

International trade is the way for your business and is the best way to grow efficiently and effectively.

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