How to create content 3 Rules for Small Business

Regardless of the size of CMO, publishing is essential for each CMO’s work for the future growth of all companies. Publishing is an essential management skill for the success of digital marketing, social media and sales empowerment programs that promote growth.

But most business owners and marketers do not know how to apply the principles of publishing to marketing activities and need help. Forbes, a team of experts, interviewed 380 global marketers and 50 expert experts and explored problems and solutions. The resulting report, publication or extinction recommends a systematic approach.

96% of the executives surveyed agree that the quality and structure of marketing content is important in achieving growth goals. More than 70% believe that the effectiveness of marketing content will directly drive revenue growth through digital, social and mobile technologies, and have a direct impact on the ability to support brands, demand and sales programs. For example, attractive and exploitable content is important for obtaining answers to media investments acquired, owned and paid. Content quality – the value of leadership and entertainment has become important to differentiate brands and promote engagement.

However, it is a big problem for companies, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises, because available resources are limited, finding, organizing and using appropriate content, and effectively using it. Among the common problems,

Inadequate Use of Content Administrators are frustrated that customers, prospects, or influential people do not open or consume much of the content.
Work and creativity are necessary to create engaging and high quality content. This is the biggest challenge for many SMEs who feel that owners / managers are growing sufficiently to run their business.
How can SMEs solve these problems and create appropriate and effective content? Begin with these three steps.

Hire content staff. You can be a person or a small marketing team, your company owner, or the best editor of the team. If your business is small enough it is probably just a part of that person’s job. But simply asking all employees to write positive about Facebook business tends to be ineffective. When people and team manage content, decide the type of content that is most effective for publishing regularly, avoiding duplication, developing consistent “business voice”, and attracting potential customers I will do it.
Please do your homework. Perhaps your business is B2C (female, male, young, old, old, negotiating, hip) or B2B (other small business ??). Please approach closer as if you are developing the customer for the product. Spend time on social media, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest your favorite. Question. We will conduct a prompt and informal survey. Get ideas on your customer concerns, worries, unmet needs. What kind of content will help them or deal with them?
Please collect your ideas and use it in this market. As a result, the current homework is focused on your customers and prospective customers, so it is being developed in a more targeted way. When you receive your order, please send a confirmation email with one question. This is “What are the biggest concerns in developing your business?” “Draw your ultimate fantasy shoes”. It depends on your business and the nature of the customer. Or send weekly questions to your full email list. Open the e-mail address of the suggestion box and add a link to each blog post and tweet. Next, I will write about the most frequently suggested topics. Please provide useful tips on the real concern of your customers. Give hope to them, but there is no false hope so that you can meet their needs or wishes. You will find yourself more and more on a dedicated fan base.
These three steps are no longer an ideal solution for business, but a benchmark of an essential content marketing strategy. Learn more about how to involve customers in the content of this second blog and how small businesses read “publish” or “lose” to implement these practices.

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